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Cloud Compliance Software Company Shujinko Closes $7.5 Million

“Shujinko’s software is disrupting the huge market for traditional enterprise compliance and we are pleased to partner with them as they scale,” explained Neil Sequeira, co-founder and managing director of Defy. “Shujinko has provided their customers with a streamlined, effective way for them to rapidly adopt the cloud while maintaining compliance. Shujinko’s founders Scott and…

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In a Sports Blackout, NFL Video Games Are Suddenly Booming

Publisher Nifty Games announced a deal with the league and its players union on Wednesday to create a new mobile game, NFL Clash. The title will launch later this year, giving gamers the chance to play head-to-head contests in a matter of minutes.

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Nautilus emerges with $76M to become the ‘Illumina of proteomics’

Nautilus is uncloaking with a $76 million series B round to do for proteomics—the study of proteins—what companies like Illumnina did for genomics.

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L.A.-based Triller waits in the wings as more companies ban TikTok

If TikTok is indeed banned in the U.S., lots of apps are preparing to take its place. Pay special attention to one: Los Angeles-based Triller.

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TikTok megastar Josh Richards on how he got 20 million followers, and why he’s leaving the app

Despite Richards’ massive success on TikTok, he announced on July 28 that he is leaving the app and going to rival Triller. Triller debuted as a short form music content app in 2015 but has since added a social feature similar to TikTok.

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