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Apploi Raises $5.2M to Simplify Service Industry Hiring

Apploi, a platform that simplifies the hiring process for service-oriented businesses, announced Thursday they raised $5.2 million in funding led by Silicon Valley-based Defy Partners.

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Last Week In Venture: Distributed Biometrics, Connecting The Campus, And A Search Engine For Work

Founded by veteran entrepreneur, startup investor, and expert in information retrieval and automated decision systems Brian Shin, is a rather stealthy San Francisco-based startup. According to a press release announcing $2 million in seed funding, the company is developing “a new personalized semantic search engine for your work.”

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Why Is Scaling So Important In Business?

Founders, employees, and investors ultimately want to know that the startup they are committing time and/or capital to has a reasonable probability of growing very quickly over a very long period of time. Whether a startup can achieve sustained growth (how fast, for how long, and how profitably) is really the difference between a startup…

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Stealthy search startup snags $2M seed

“The problem we’re really solving is that there are a trillion documents created every year in Microsoft Office, Google Docs, etc., and it’s really difficult if you’re a knowledge worker to find what you need in terms of either a document, an asset like a slide or worksheet within a document or the actual answer…

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Getting Back In The Saddle

Startups are tough! Recent data indicates that over 90% of startups do not end up succeeding. There are grumblings that we’re at the tail end of a historic bull market. The days of startup growth at all cost may be over. So it is with this sunny context that I’m announcing that I’m leaving the…

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