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Do we really need another venture firm?

Almost everyone agrees that venture is overfunded, so the initial reaction to “do we need another venture firm” is a reflexive “no.” But when you start talking to entrepreneurs, you learn a very different story. You hear that the distribution of capital is lumpy and the money has migrated to the two ends of the…

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Former Kleiner Perkins General Partner, General Catalyst Managing Director Launch Defy Partners

At Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and General Catalyst, venture capitalists Trae Vassallo and Neil Sequeira burnished their résumés in Series A deals with startup stakes such as Honest Company and Nest. But the venture capital industry in 2017 looks very different from when they started their careers nearly 15 years ago. Fund sizes at…

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Veteran VCs Trae Vassallo and Neil Sequeira attract $151 million to their new firm, Defy Partners

They’re back. After staying heads down for the past year, Trae Vassallo and Neil Sequeira, two longtime venture capitalists whose individual brands are well-known to Bay Area startup founders, are finally taking the wraps off their new venture firm, Defy Partners. As part of the big reveal, they say they’ve closed their debut fund with $151 million…

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VC Veterans Neil Sequeira And Trae Vassallo Launch Defy Partners With $151 Million Fund

In a fast-changing venture capital landscape, longtime investors Neil Sequeira and Trae Vassallo are taking a vintage approach with their new firm. Their new firm, Defy Partners, fits the trend of 2017 tech investing by launching with a first-time fund of a large size, $151 million. But as they go to invest that money, Sequeira and Vassallo say they’ll be…

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Industry Veterans Neil Sequeira and Trae Vassallo Team Up to Launch Defy Partners

Defy Partners, an early stage venture firm, was formally launched today after raising an oversubscribed $151 million initial fund. The new firm, led by long-time venture capitalists, Neil Sequeira and Trae Vassallo, was created to address the underserved part of the venture landscape — often referred to as “The Series A Gap.” By focusing on…

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