Crypto stablecoin issuer Circle adds Apple Pay support

The stablecoin issuer said Apple Pay support allows traditional businesses to experience the benefits of crypto settlement while allowing crypto businesses to engage with non-crypto-using customers.

Circle, the issuer of the United States dollar-pegged stablecoin USD Coin (USDC) has added support for Apple Pay — with the intention of bringing the crypto and traditional payment systems closer together.

Circle made the announcement in a Nov. 15 blog post, suggesting it may boost sales for crypto-native businesses as they can facilitate traditional payments from non-crypto-using customers while enabling customers to “buy crypto with Apple Pay on their preferred exchange.”

According to Circle, the addition of Apple Pay support will benefit traditional businesses by allowing them “to shift more retail payments to digital currency.”

Apple Pay is available to “eligible businesses” and claims to enable it is “a simple process.” Meanwhile, customers who checkout with Apple Pay at participating firms will finalize the transaction, as usual, using Apple’s Face ID or Touch ID.

Apploi Acquires OnCall to Help Healthcare Employers Manage Shifts

Leading healthcare HR software provides users with automated shift scheduling

NEW YORKNov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Apploi, the leading platform for healthcare hiring, announced it has acquired OnCall, a healthcare shift management solution that focuses on scheduling and staff management amidst the ongoing hiring crunch.

Apploi has become the prime healthcare hiring software, helping over 7,000 healthcare communities hire and retain the right people. In 2020, the software company acquired Healthgig’s onboarding and credentialing platform, expanding into the world of human capital management. With the addition of OnCall, Apploi customers will now be able to manage shifts on the same platform they use to hire.



The NBA Game release date is finally here, and there’s fantastic news for those of you who love basketball and mobile games. The new title came to you as courtesy of Nifty Games and promises to be a great 3-pointer full of fun activities, which may not be exactly what you expect because of the special abilities on offer.

Of course, there is no video game for the National Basketball Association without all 30 teams in the league, including the Celtics, Knicks, 69ers, Lakers, Bulls and more. There is no doubt that it’ll be a good time for some legendary players to appear on the screen. Obviously, NBA Clash includes more than 100 athletes.

The date is one of the most important and most memorable games, Jon Middleton says. We designed NBA Clash, which allows the intense fast-paced basketball movement to live from the ground up. Gamers will be fired to face off with custom teams of their favourite NBA players to rain down threes, break ankles and wreck rims against friends and opponents around the world.

Nifty Games launches NBA Clash for mobile gamers

Nifty Games announced this week the launch of NBA Clash on iOS and Android platforms.

NBA stars Jaylen Brown and Jamal Murray were featured as highlight athletes. Brown and Murray, alongside the full roster of NBA players are part of the player roster officially licensed from the NBA and the NBPA.

The game is an action mobile game aimed at armchair power forwards, casual hoops fans and sports fanatics looking for basketball action. Featuring all 30 NBA teams and over 100 individual players, NBA
Clash is a quick-session, real-time player-vs.-player mobile game.

Gamers worldwide will be able to compete head-to-head in 3-on-3 games, featuring first to eleven scoring. Nifty Games also published NFL Clash as part of its mission of bringing short form sports games to mobile players.

Animoca Brands’ & Arevo To Launch NFT-Validated Carbon Fiber Bikes

Bicycles are one of the most iconic inventions of humankind, and as with every technological innovation, they have experienced a vast evolution over their 200+ years of existence – whether it be from disc brakes to electric gears, or air spring suspension forks to heavy-grip tires.

Web3 is undoubtedly spearheading many facets of 21st century tech, where whether you call it ‘phygitalising’ or ‘matterverse to metaverse,’ many a project is pioneering new and expressive ways in which the physical world can merge with that of the digital.
In taking this premise into the ever-evolving realm of bikes, leading venture capital firm Animoca Brands has partnered with illustrious 3D-printing company Arevo to produce NFT-centric carbon fiber bikes.

Animoca Plans NFT Artwork Based Bikes

Animoca Brands Corporation Ltd. and Arevo Inc., a 3D-printing startup, have collaborated to manufacture a range of personalized carbon fiber bicycles motivated by and adorned with privately held NFT artworks. The alliance between Animoca and Arevo marks a major milestone in integrating the ‘matterverse’ to the ‘metaverse’ by combining distinct digital commodities with unique physical things.

Future product launches will combine Arevo’s capacity for mass customization of top-end carbon fibre goods with NFT-validated artworks from a variety of artist and owner groups.
Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, stated, “Arevo’s state-of-the-art carbon fibre 3D printing technique is a glimpse into the framework of the fully accessible metaverse that Animoca Brands is promoting – a Web3 vision in which customisation is common, digital possession is pervasive, and the ceiling between physical and digital goods falls.”

Capchase lands in Germany

Capchase, the leading provider of non-dilutive capital for SaaS companies, today announced its entry into Germany.

The move is the latest milestone in Capchase’s expansion across Europe. In 2022 Capchase has expanded to the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, and launched a European HQ in London.

Since launching in 2020, Capchase has worked with 3,000 customers, making over $1.5bn in funding available. Recently, Capchase announced $400 million in debt financing to provide committed capital support for both current and future Capchase customers, and to diversify current product offerings.

With startups increasingly looking outside of the VC world for financing, Capchase has seen monthly applications double from April to September of this year. The majority of Capchase customers put capital toward financing customer acquisition costs, key sales hires, and subscription expenses with the flexibility to only pay for the capital that they use. Additionally, all customers are paired with an individual Capchase Growth Advisor to help optimize their capital structure and increase growth efficiency.

Revenue-based financing provider Capchase chases down German market

Capchase expands to Germany, to close the funding gap for German SaaS companies

Spanish/American revenue-based capital provider Capchase has announced its entry into the German market as of today. This now brings the startup’s total number of countries served to 10 including the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

With VC activity slowing across the board and startups increasingly looking outside traditional routes of financing, RBF providers such as Capchase have stepped up to fill the void. Over the summer Capchase secured $400 million of its own in the way of debt funding.

Envoy acquires Worksphere, a Seattle startup that helps companies manage their workplace

Worksphere, the Seattle-based startup building a platform to manage hybrid workplace experiences, has been acquired by San Francisco-based competitor Envoy.

Both companies sell software that helps employers manage how workers book desks and use physical office space.

Envoy launched in 2013 and raised $111 million in January. It also acquired desk reservation and scheduling startup OfficeTogether in August.

Envoy has grown alongside the pandemic-fueled adoption of hybrid work, and its customers include large enterprise customers such as Slack, Pinterest, Hulu, Stripe and Mazda, among others.

Worksphere was co-founded in September 2020 by CEO Aakhil Fardeen, CTO Mark Piper and Head of Growth Theresa Klaassen. They previously worked at Lish, a corporate catering startup that Fardeen started. With workers going remote when the pandemic hit, Lish’s business slowed — and that led to the creation of Worksphere.


Arena Club will provide a bridge between the physical and digital worlds of sports collecting while giving collectors a transparent grading process through computer vision and machine learning and a frictionless way to transact

LOS ANGELESSept. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Arena Club, a groundbreaking new sports card collecting platform headlined by Co-Founder and CEO, Brian Lee and Founding Partner, Derek Jeter, has officially launched today. Arena Club will provide a bridge between the physical and digital worlds of sports collecting. All users on the platform will have their own showroom where they can buy, sell, trade and display their cards. Collectors want a transparent way to grade cards and a frictionless way to transact. Through technological advancements and an authentic community, Arena Club provides a convenient and consumer-friendly approach that will lead the revolution in this space.