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PODCAST: The Full Ratchet 247

Leaving Kleiner Perkins to Start Defy Partners, The State of Venture in the Bay Area, and Maintaining a Beginner’s Mind (Trae Vassallo)

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Defy Partners Announces Kamil Saeid as Partner, Christa Quarles and Bryan Goldberg as Defy Sages and the promotions of Madison McIlwain and Purvi Shah

Four years after inception, Defy continues team expansion and portfolio growth

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PODCAST: Brian Rothenberg Building Eventbrite’s Viral Loop That Generated $300M in Revenue

In this episode we hear from Brian Rothenberg, Partner at Defy VC. He shares how Eventbrite’s growth model created a viral loop that led to massive success, how to go about building a distribution advantage and the biggest pitfalls of people who haven’t done this and how founders can go from siloed to a cross…

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PODCAST: 146 Trae Vassallo: Defying Gravity in Silicon Valley

In this episode we discuss Trae’s path to Kleiner Perkins, and her experiences being one of relatively few female venture capital partners in Silicon Valley. She contrasts the treatment of women in Silicon Valley before, and after, Ellen Pao’s lawsuit (Check out Episode 101).  We discuss why she struck out on her own rather than staying…

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Friday Letter: Is being a venture capitalist the same as sales?

I recently met Brian Rothenberg, a former Eventbrite exec who joined Defy Partners earlier this year. He’ll work as a partner alongside co-founders and Managing Directors Neil Sequeira and Trae Vassallo, who launched the rm in late 2017.

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