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Early-stage investment firm Defy updates the venture partner model

Defy, the early-stage venture investment firm founded by Neil Sequeira and Trae Vassallo, is putting a new twist on the venture partner model as it brings Brian Lee and Sujal Patel on board to help out with investing and guiding companies in the firm’s portfolio. Just don’t call them venture partners. Vassallo and Sequeira prefer…

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Tech Moves: Isilon co-founder Sujal Patel joins Bay Area VC firm; Wrench adds Redfin exec to boardPatel told GeekWire that he joined Defy in part to get exposure to a set of early-stage startups in the Bay Area.

Patel told GeekWire that he joined Defy in part to get exposure to a set of early-stage startups in the Bay Area.

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VC Corner Q+A: Trae Vassallo

Trae Vassallo is Co-founder and Managing Director of Defy, an early stage venture capital firm. She is an engineer, an entrepreneur, and an investor, and her passion is collaborating with the world’s best entrepreneurs. In addition to Defy, Trae is on the board of directors at Telstra, an international telecommunications company. Trae recently co-authored the study…

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Why Impact, Not Money, Makes These The Greatest Tech M&A Deals Of All Time

With a raging bull public market, massive M&A deals like Salesforce’s $6.5 billion acquisition of Mulesoft (not to mention Monsanto’s $85 billion acquisition of Bayer), and a record-setting Q1 for global M&A (totaling $1.2 trillion in value) with a strong Q2 ($715 billion in value) it seems like all the heat is currently focused at…

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20VC: What John Doerr taught me about great investing, why not all A rounds are post-traction and why despite overfunding, there are still gaps in venture financing with Trae Vassallo, founding partner @

Trae Vassallo is the Co-Founder and Managing Director @ Defy.VC, one of Silicon Valley’s newest and most exciting Series A funds with the announcement of their debut $151m fund in Sept 2017. Prior to co-founding Defy, Trae was a general partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers where she invested in a number of leading companies including eero, Nest Labs,…

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