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Barron’s Investing in Tech Fall Series Speaker – Trae Vassallo

Early stage start-ups have big risks but can offer big rewards. A VC explains how she identifies opportunities, what she has learned and what’s hot now. In conversation with: Trae Vassallo, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Defy Partners

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Neil Sequeira on Squawk Alley – CNBC

Henry Blodget of Business Insider and Neil Sequeira, Defy Partners co-founder, join “Squawk Alley” to discuss U.S.-China trade talks and the global economy.

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Managing in a Remote World

Covid-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to the entire world. We at Defy know that the challenges faced by each of our portfolio companies, team members, and friends are different.

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Why Is Scaling So Important In Business?

Founders, employees, and investors ultimately want to know that the startup they are committing time and/or capital to has a reasonable probability of growing very quickly over a very long period of time. Whether a startup can achieve sustained growth (how fast, for how long, and how profitably) is really the difference between a startup…

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VC Corner Q&A: Madison McIlwain of Defy VC

Madison McIlwain is an Associate at Defy, where she works alongside her team to source, invest in, and help amazing companies grow. She’s passionate about retail innovation, supply chain, and consumer technology.

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