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How Do Product Partnerships Work?

In my current role as a venture investor, I help advise portfolio companies on partnership strategies to help them drive growth.

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No Face-to-Face Before the Deal? Venture Firms Are Struggling With That

“If it’s not a written rule, it’s a said rule,” Mr. Sequeira said.

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VCJ Rising Stars 2021: Madison McIlwain on the list

For the second year in a row, we reached out to readers and others in the venture capital community to find out who are the industry’s up and comers.  It was a difficult task, but we crafted a list of 40 professionals under 40 who are certain to shape VC as the next generation of…

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This venture firm is offering fast funding in a time of uncertainty

Neil Sequeira of Defy Partners, for example, recently told us his firm has been actively investing since early March, but he readily admitted that, “In every case when we’ve been able to move really quickly, we’ve actually known the founders for the most part for a decade.”

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Forecast: E-commerce Startups Need To Flex Their Customer Service Muscles In 2021

Customer interaction is something even small and medium-sized businesses have to focus on, Madison McIlwain, an associate at early-stage venture capital firm Defy, said in an interview.  “Retailers used to sell products face-to-face and have adapted to online, but still don’t have the tools for how to manage the post-purchase,” McIlwain said. “Brands are becoming…

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