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Defy Partners Adds Three Partners As It Looks To Bolster Seed And Incubation Strategies

Sequeira says that these promotions and additions are part of the firm’s maturation as it looks to celebrate its fifth birthday. “We think having these five folks, Kamil joining as a partner, two being elevated, it transitions the firm into this next phase where we want to be an elite firm,” he says.

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From Zero to IPO: How Growth Needs to Evolve at Every Startup Stage

“Build it and they will come” isn’t a growth strategy. Before you ship a new feature, fully understand how it will impact your customers. Drive value, and then the customers will come.”

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How To Grow Your Startup Without Risking Burnout

If you’re going to work with a VC firm, make sure it understands where you’re at in the growth process and how you can move forward in a sustainable way. For example, Defy is an early-stage VC firm that specializes in helping companies maintain sustainable growth immediately after receiving seed capital. No matter what form of funding…

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25 rising stars in venture capital who control millions of dollars in Silicon Valley and decide which startups will blow up

Brian Rothenberg joined, an early-stage venture capital firm, after leading customer acquisition at events startup Eventbrite. Rothenberg is not new to investing, having angel invested in several startups during his tenure in Silicon Valley and scouted startups for Y Combinator, Sequoia Capital, and First Round Capital, but will bring operational expertise to’s growing…

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Isilon co-founder Sujal Patel building mysterious biotech startup, backed by Andreessen Horowitz

The intersection of computer science and the life sciences creates an enormous opportunity.

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