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Early-stage investment firm Defy hires Eventbrite exec Brian Rothenberg as partner

“Having been a founder myself, at the Series A is when you start to see the growth levers emerging,” he said. “But what a Series A was 10 years ago is not what it looks like today. I’ve seen a lot of companies that are overfunded at the Series A, which on the surface seems…

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Early-stage investment firm Defy hires Eventbrite exec Brian Rothenberg as companion

“I’ve talked to almost each and each firm in the valley and thru that, I got to perceive what changed into in actuality critical to me,” Rothenberg said. “Defy has adequate capital to construct focused and meaningful investments but now not so important capital they in actuality feel they want to shove cash into offers.”

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Defy Partners’s Trae Vassallo on her tech investment strategy

Trae Vassallo, Defy managing director, joins ‘Fast Money Halftime Report’ to discuss early stage investing and the state of venture capital.

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Five years from intern to partner: 137 Ventures taps Nick Procaccini

“Scaling the ranks of a firm and getting promoted within is less common than it was 20 or 30 years ago”, Sequeira said. “University degrees and MBAs matter, but not having one is no longer a barrier to entry to VC,”

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The Kleiner Mafia: Meet the Silicon Valley investors who did their tours of duty at the once untouchable VC firm

Some of Silicon Valley’s most prominent venture capital firms were started by former Kleiner Perkins investors, including Khosla Ventures and Defy Partners.

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