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Nifty Games soft-launches NFL Clash in UK and Germany

The game was quietly soft-launched in Mexico and Brazil on August 14th 2020, but has now expanded its soft-launch into the UK, Australia, and Germany. Further countries are expected to be added later this year.

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SoundCommerce Launches SoundProfit 360: Real-Time Profit Optimization for Retailers and Consumer Brands

Jewelry Brand Mejuri Employs SoundCommerce to Optimize Profit across DTC Commerce, Retail Stores

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Capchase nabs $60M in credit to help founders avoid dilution

No one likes dilution, and that’s why every founder is looking for alternatives to traditional equity investing by venture capitalists. Financial entrepreneurs have launched a number of products, from SaaS securitization to debt-based financing, to help founders avoid that dilution, particularly when they have recurring revenues clocked on the books.

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SoundCommerce raises $15 million for big data insights that help retailers compete with Amazon

For brands and retailers to compete with Amazon and emerging digital-first competitors, it requires cutting-edge data capability and the discipline to apply data to key operations and marketing decisions,” SoundCommerce cofounder and CEO Eric Best told VentureBeat. “While SaaS tools like Shopify become ever easier to adopt and use, data fragmentation prevents consumer brands from…

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Apploi Brings New Perspectives To The Table With Expanded Advisory Board

Apploi’s mission to revolutionize high-volume healthcare recruitment leaps forward with the addition of three new advisory board members.

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