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Stealthy search startup snags $2M seed

“The problem we’re really solving is that there are a trillion documents created every year in Microsoft Office, Google Docs, etc., and it’s really difficult if you’re a knowledge worker to find what you need in terms of either a document, an asset like a slide or worksheet within a document or the actual answer…

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NFL Clash Mobile Video Game Announced by Nifty Games, to Launch in 2020

“Sports games have yet to hit their stride on mobile, and Nifty Games is excited to team up with the NFL and NFLPA with a mobile-first take that opens up new audiences and engages fans everywhere,” Nifty Games co-founder Pete Wanat said. “We built Nifty Games to create the best sports games on mobile and…

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16 hot cybersecurity startups pulling in funding and recognition despite the recession

A Forrester report in March gave Elevate Security the highest score possible among cybersecurity training companies, saying the firm offers customers “a departure from ancient cybersecurity employee training rhetoric.”

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Nifty Games opens sports mobile game studio in Chicago

This is the company’s first internal development studio. Nifty Games chose the Chicago area because of its rich connection to game developers, as well as sports franchises such as the Chicago Bears, Bulls, Cubs, White Sox, and Blackhawks. Game veterans Jon Middleton and Pete Wanat started the San Francisco-based company to make  sports games. Nifty Games had previously announced a…

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Trump’s TikTok Ban Threat Led to 360 Percent Surge in Rival App Downloads

As threats against TikTok mounted last month, four potential challengers—Triller, Zynn, Dubsmash and Byte—saw their installs collectively spike by more than 300 percent when compared to statistics from the week prior, Sensor Tower data shows.

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