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Owl Comes Out Of Stealth With a Dropcam For Your Car, Inside And Out

Once upon a time, Andy Hodge helped bring the world the iPod—a product that entered the still-emerging field of MP3 players and then nailed the idea so perfectly that it became synonymous with the category. Later in his decade-long tenure at Apple, he worked on the iPhone, which did much the same thing to smartphones.…

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Owl is a smarter spin on a dashboard camera

Owl hopes to do for the dashboard-camera market what the iPod did for portable audio players. That might seem like a tall order for a fledgling startup, but the ambition makes sense for a company led by Andy Hodge, who served as the iPod product lead at Apple for a decade. After a stint at Dropcam, he…

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Owl’s web-connected, voice-activated dashcam looks pretty sweet

Dashboard cameras are a great way to protect yourself with video evidence from all sorts of trouble while driving — everything from fender benders to insurance fraud and more. They can also be fun when you capture something random happening on the road. Silicon Valley startup Owl thinks they can improve the dashcam with its…

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Do we really need another venture firm?

Almost everyone agrees that venture is overfunded, so the initial reaction to “do we need another venture firm” is a reflexive “no.” But when you start talking to entrepreneurs, you learn a very different story. You hear that the distribution of capital is lumpy and the money has migrated to the two ends of the…

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Former Kleiner Perkins General Partner, General Catalyst Managing Director Launch Defy Partners

At Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and General Catalyst, venture capitalists Trae Vassallo and Neil Sequeira burnished their résumés in Series A deals with startup stakes such as Honest Company and Nest. But the venture capital industry in 2017 looks very different from when they started their careers nearly 15 years ago. Fund sizes at…

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