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This Is What Happens When Former Apple and Dropcam Engineers Turn Their Attention to the Car

Owl, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based company, came out of stealth Thursday with its Owl Car Cam product—an LTE-connected security camera for the car designed to capture crashes, break-ins, dents, and traffic stops as well as the weird or fun moments that happen while driving. The Car Cam, which has dual-facing interior and exterior cameras and…

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Owl launches first security camera for your car

Today marks the launch of the Owl Car Cam, the first LTE-Connected security camera for your car, built to protect and empower drivers with instant video evidence of anything and everything the road throws their way. Designed by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs hailing from Apple, Microsoft & Dropcam, the Owl Car Cam brings 24/7,…

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A former Apple engineer who worked on the first iPhone is making a super-smart camera for your car — here’s how it works

People in Silicon Valley often spend a lot of time driving. It’s just what you have to do if you work in tech at a big company. Perhaps that’s why one of the most interesting new car gadgets is coming from a Palo Alto startup led by former Apple and Microsoft engineers.

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Owl Comes Out Of Stealth With a Dropcam For Your Car, Inside And Out

Once upon a time, Andy Hodge helped bring the world the iPod—a product that entered the still-emerging field of MP3 players and then nailed the idea so perfectly that it became synonymous with the category. Later in his decade-long tenure at Apple, he worked on the iPhone, which did much the same thing to smartphones.…

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Owl is a smarter spin on a dashboard camera

Owl hopes to do for the dashboard-camera market what the iPod did for portable audio players. That might seem like a tall order for a fledgling startup, but the ambition makes sense for a company led by Andy Hodge, who served as the iPod product lead at Apple for a decade. After a stint at Dropcam, he…

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