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Venture Capital Needs To Clean House. But The Bones Are Good

Play a game of word association with anyone and say the words, “venture capital,” and I bet you would get answers like “sexual harassment,” “gender discrimination,” and “bro culture.” That’s because the dominating headlines of late have been about powerful men in venture who sexually harassed women at their firms or at startups looking for…

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This Is What Happens When Former Apple and Dropcam Engineers Turn Their Attention to the Car

Owl, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based company, came out of stealth Thursday with its Owl Car Cam product—an LTE-connected security camera for the car designed to capture crashes, break-ins, dents, and traffic stops as well as the weird or fun moments that happen while driving. The Car Cam, which has dual-facing interior and exterior cameras and…

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Owl launches first security camera for your car

Today marks the launch of the Owl Car Cam, the first LTE-Connected security camera for your car, built to protect and empower drivers with instant video evidence of anything and everything the road throws their way. Designed by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs hailing from Apple, Microsoft & Dropcam, the Owl Car Cam brings 24/7,…

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A former Apple engineer who worked on the first iPhone is making a super-smart camera for your car — here’s how it works

People in Silicon Valley often spend a lot of time driving. It’s just what you have to do if you work in tech at a big company. Perhaps that’s why one of the most interesting new car gadgets is coming from a Palo Alto startup led by former Apple and Microsoft engineers.

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Owl Comes Out Of Stealth With a Dropcam For Your Car, Inside And Out

Once upon a time, Andy Hodge helped bring the world the iPod—a product that entered the still-emerging field of MP3 players and then nailed the idea so perfectly that it became synonymous with the category. Later in his decade-long tenure at Apple, he worked on the iPhone, which did much the same thing to smartphones.…

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