Adam Park

 Adam Park
straight-A student >> college-dropout analyst

“Growing up with technology made it clear to me that I had to get involved.”

As an associate with defy, I work alongside the team to identify and invest in exciting young companies.

I graduated from Harvard College with a degree in philosophy, where I developed a keen interest in the philosophy of technology and wrote my senior thesis on multiplayer video games as moral contexts. While at school, I started a company called Clade, which defy invested in, with my college roommate that sought to formalize the exchange of tasks between groups of friends on campus.

I am particularly interested in companies that deal with virtual contexts and digital interaction, online productivity and learning, as well as personal wellness. Despite graduating in the spring of 2023, I have been at defy for several years, having started as an intern before later taking a year off school to serve as an analyst.

I’m a DMV-native now living in San Francisco, and despite my roots I am an avid New York Giants fan. In my free time, you’ll most likely find me playing ultimate frisbee or exploring the city.

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