Adam Park
 Adam Park
straight-A student >> college-dropout analyst

“We actually told my grandma that I was still in college, but stepping away was the right call.”

While on a leave of absence from Harvard, I’m serving as an analyst for defy. I work closely with the team to source investments, conduct research and support defy’s portfolio companies.

I’m passionate about observing and analyzing the ways that technology interacts with our lives. At school I study philosophy, with particular interests in epistemology and the philosophy of language. Professionally I’m interested in compliance, having previously worked as an intern in a compliance group and researched the industry as part of a project for Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center.

I’m a Washington, D.C.-area native currently living in Allston, MA—along with 7 friends and 3 aspiring companies. In my free time, I’m an avid ultimate frisbee player and a wannabe bike enthusiast.

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